Facility Benefits

Facility Benefits

Facility Benefits

Benefits for Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities,
and Walk-In Clinics

Are you managing a busy Hospital Emergency Room or Urgent Care Facility? Are you looking for a better way to manage incoming patients and improve your operations and resource flow? Then the Urgently Health Platform can help!

Our goal with the Urgently Health Platform is to leverage technology in order to humanize healthcare; to help hospitals and clinics who accept unscheduled, walk-in patients process them more effectively and with less confusion than in the past. When healthcare facilities use the Urgently Health Platform they expand their visibility and streamline their day-to-day operations. This, in turn, increases your preparedness and allows you to discover and overcome bottlenecks, leading to more effective and efficient service, greater patient satisfaction and retention, and decreased costs.

With your facility connected to the Urgently Health Platform, you will be notified when patients are on their way to your location, as well as an estimated arrival time. Additionally, patient information, symptoms, reasons of visit, and other paperwork will be accessible to you digitally prior to their arrival.

Our platform makes admitting new patients a breeze and reduces stress for you, your staff, and your patients in what may be a high-stress situation. As you and your patients continue to use the Urgently Health Platform, our system will begin providing statistics to help you understand trends in arrivals and visit reasons. This data helps ensure you have the proper staff and supplies when you need them most.

Important Tip

The Urgently Health App puts partner facilities on the map in a red map icon . Urgently gives patients a chance to discover more health providers in their area that are available to them. Increase your patients and visibility by partnering with Urgently today.

The Urgently Health Platform is completely web based, so there is no need to invest in costly equipment to run it either. Our platform works on all major web browsers, so implementation is as easy as visiting our website and logging in.

So contact us today and become part of Urgently Health, helping you engage your patients in a seamless and efficient way that saves you time and money, and allows you to gain an edge over the competition by making unscheduled, last-minute, medical needs virtually hassle free for the patient.

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