Support & Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions and answers below to ensure you are prepared for your medical visit when using Urgently. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to message us here.

If this in regards to a medical emergency, do not wait; instead, dial 911 for immediate medical assistance.

What is Urgently Health?

Urgently Health—or Urgently for short—is a platform that eases the burden of last-minute medical needs for patients and providers by focusing on ease-of-use and transparency. Urgently allows you as the patient to visit available medical providers in your area at any time—that’s right, 24/7—without scheduling or having to wait for an appointment to open.

​Other patient benefits include:

  • Wait times for providers—avoid long waits and ensure you are assisted at your pace.
  • Visibility into all doctors, urgent care clinics, and hospitals in your area—makes finding care much easier while traveling, too.
  • Search by services, insurance, and much more—so you can receive the care you expect without worrying about that “surprise bill” at the end.
  • One profile for all providers—no more paperwork, it’s all in the app.
  • Medical history in your pocket—because just like us, I am sure you’re tired of having to explain your medical history every time you visit a new doctor.

Where is Urgently available?

​One of our many goals is to make Urgently Health available globally; however, we are currently only available in New York City. Don’t fret, however; we are continuing to expand daily and will update this list as we go.

What types of medical providers are available on Urgently?

Urgently was inspired by emergency rooms and their reputation for being unpredictable and untimely. But that doesn’t mean it is the only service we offer to improve; in fact, before assuming the ER is the only place where you can be treated, we recommend giving them a break and visiting one of the urgent care or walk-in clinics found on our platform. More providers will be added as we continue to expand. But always remember, when in doubt, call 911.

What can I expect when I arrive at the clinic?

If you were expecting us to start with, “filling out a stack of repetitive paperwork”, you’re wrong; unless you haven’t completed your profile—make sure your Urgently app profile is up-to-date and as complete as possible before arriving at your provider, otherwise you may be delayed.

If you have a completed profile however, the arrival process is much easier. A nurse or receptionist at the partner location will verify your ID and insurance. Once verified you will receive a status update on the Urgently app. Depending on your providers’ “Wait Time,” you may then be put into a short queue before being seen by their doctor(s). Remember that certain emergencies and conditions take precedence over others, and although we try our best to approximate wait times, we cannot predict delays.

Once through, reception will update your status from “Arrived” to “Attended” and you will be all set. Expect doctors notes to show within the Urgently app “History” tab within the next few days.

Is there a fee for using Urgently?

​Urgently is absolutely free to use for patients; however, costs associated with any medical services administered are your sole responsibility. For questions related to medical costs, we recommend contacting the provider you are interested in visiting.

How do I cancel a request made through Urgently?

​Cancelling a request is simple. After selecting a provider and submitting your symptoms, you will land at the “Confirmation and Status” page in the Urgently app. Clicking the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the page will cancel your request. A page will then load to let the provider know why you cancelled but submitting a cancellation reason is optional. A confirmation of cancellation will also be emailed to you.

​I received a Confirmation Code. What’s that for?

​Urgently provides patients with a unique Confirmation Code every time a visit request is submitted to a provider. This code can be used by the medical staff to reference your request and profile. The code is located both in the “Confirmation and Status” page and via confirmation email after submitting your request. Keep it in mind in case your provider asks for it.

How do I create an Urgently account?

With our focus on ease-of-use, it should be no surprise that creating an Urgently account is super easy. Simply, download the Urgently Health app from the Apple or Google Play stores, then while in the app, choose to either sign in with a Google or Facebook account. If you would rather use your email, select “Create Account” and fill in the information requested. Look out for a confirmation email with an authentication code and voila, now you can take advantage of providers in your area; although, for the best experience, we highly recommend completing your full profile first.

Please note that for now, you must be 13 years or older to create your own account; however, we plan to add “Family Sharing” features in the future.

​How do I log into my account?

Ensure the Urgently Health app is installed on your iPhone or Android device. Open the app and select either Google, Facebook, or email to login. Once you have selected your login option and entered your credentials (if applicable), an email with a verification code will be sent to the email on your account. Gather the verification code and input it into the Urgently Health app. At this point you should be logged in and ready to go.

What information will be available in the History tab of my profile?

The History tab is intended to make your life easier when visiting multiple providers by keeping a running list of locations you have visited and the symptoms you reported to them. Doctors can also add simple notes for reference. As Urgently continues to evolve, we intend to expand this feature into a more robust medical record. At this time, we ask that you contact your provider directly for specific details on tests, process results—such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs—and prescriptions.

​The Urgently Health app only allows me to call the provider I want to visit. Why’s that?

Urgently prides itself in giving our users the choice to go where they want for their medical needs, listing both partner and non-partner locations on our app. If you encounter a location that can only be called, they are either closed or a non-partner location. Review their profile for their hours of operation, or more details on their partnership status.

Are you a medical provider with a clinic listed as “non-partner” on our app? Contact us at providers@urgentlyhealth.com for details on how a partnership with Urgently Health will not only benefit your patients, but your operations too!

A location around me is not listed on the Urgently Health app. Why’s that?

Although we try our hardest to ensure our database is complete with up-to-date information and providers, sometimes locations are missed. But worry not! If you see a medical provider who you believe should be listed on the Urgently Health app, send us an email at providers@urgentlyhealth.com. We will review your request and list them on our app if they are a fit.

Is my data secure and private while using Urgently?

Absolutely! Your data is stored on encrypted, HIPAA-compliant servers, and can only be accessed by you and the providers you decide to give access to when using the app. We are not—and never will be—in the business of sharing, selling, or renting any of your personal information. Even though you can use Google or Facebook to log into your account, that is their strict and only purpose—to log you in. They have no access to your data on any part of the Urgently Health platform. For more information, please check out our Privacy Policy here.