Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

Urgently Health App​ Patient Benefits

When sick, injured, or during a medical emergency, minutes count! Finding the appropriate urgent care facility near you is not only important, it could save your life.

Most major cities have an abundance of urgent care facilities, hospitals, and other walk-in medical providers to choose from, but until now patients had no way of knowing which option was the best and quickest choice. Now, with Urgently Health’s mobile application you can discover local, available, medical care facilities based on your specific medical needs, along with estimated wait times so you can be seen and treated as soon as possible.

The Urgently Health App also allows you to browse providers based on their specialties and services offered, as well as by insurances accepted. This way you avoid surprises when you get to the front desk.

With our app, patients can:

  • Fill out paperwork before arriving at urgent care facilities, hospitals, and other walk-in medical providers
  • See medical care facility information, including:
    • Locations
    • Hours
    • Estimated Wait Times
    • Contact Information
    • Specialties and Services Offered
    • Insurances Accepted
  • Store their medical forms, medical history, pre-existing conditions, etc.
  • Reduces patient wait times in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and other medical care providers
  • Reduce the stress associated with unplanned, last minute care and medical emergencies

Urgently Health Application

Our app also allows patients to fill out their medical paperwork ahead of time so that you can get through the check-in process without this added delay when you arrive.

Using Urgently Health also notifies the hospital or clinic you choose that you are on your way to them and provides them with your approximate travel time. This feature allows them to expect you and better prepare for your arrival before you get to them. This is vitally important during emergencies where mere minutes can make a difference!

The Urgently Health App is perfect for parents taking care of accident prone children or the elderly who may require medical attention more often than others. And best of all, our app was built with ease-of-use at the forefront, and available for Android and Apple devices.