Urgently Health Care Portal iPad

Urgently Health’s Desktop Care Portal

Urgently Health’s Desktop Care Portal

Urgently Health’s Desktop Care Portal

A Patient Flow Management Solution for Walk-in Medical Facilities

Managing a busy healthcare facility that accepts walk-in patients—such as a hospital emergency room or urgent care center? Then you may be looking for a better way to manage incoming patients, improving your operations and resource flow.

The Urgently Health Platform is a cloud-based software designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use and quickly accessible from most desktop internet browsers.

Our platform helps increase patient retention and satisfaction in your facility by providing self-management capabilities for patients and their families. Additionally, our patient flow management system gives your facility a bird’s eye view of incoming patients, current patients, and operational insights to better manage your clerical staff and patient onboarding.

Our intuitive electronic medical records (EMR) system, accessible through the Urgently Health platform, allows you to manage patient resources—including patient files, notes, and other information—all from one place. These systems have become vital to the modern healthcare system; thus, utilizing the best EMR systems is important for eliminating unnecessary bottlenecks and running a smooth operation.

The Urgently Health Platform can help you and your patients

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More visibility means more time to prepare for who’s incoming

The Urgently Health Platform is a perfect solution for small to medium-sized medical facilities such as clinics, urgent care centers, and even hospitals, looking to expand their visibility and streamline day-to-day operations.

Healthcare facilities who are part of the Urgently Health family are notified of incoming patients and provided with average arrival times. Additionally, patient information, symptoms, and reasons for visits are accessible to facilities digitally prior to patient arrival.

Urgently Health is truly an exceptional patient flow management solution in comparison to our competitors; not only because of our user-friendly features, but because we cherish feedback and are always looking to improve the human experience with our platform. As a result, your medical facility will be providing the best experience for both patients and your medical staff. 

What can your staff do with the Urgently Health Desktop Care Portal?

  • Check Patients In
  • View Patient Information prior to Arrival
  • Track Patient History
  • Add & Remove Tracked Symptoms
  • Mark Issues as “Minor,” “Moderate,” “Urgent,” “Severe,” & “Critical”
  • Update Patient Status (On Route, Arrived, Attended, & Discharged)
  • Review Facility Insights such as Patient Wait Times, Common Ailments, and Average Arrival Times
  • …and much more!

Why does my facility need a desktop EMR platform?

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, professionals are searching for the most innovative ways to improve their workflow and provide the best possible patient care. One way to do this is by utilizing an electronic medical record (EMR) platform. A desktop EMR platform allows healthcare providers to store, access, and share patient data securely and easily. This can improve communication among providers, as well as help clinicians make the best possible decisions about patient care.

The importance of a modernized EMR platform cannot be underestimated for any medical practice or hospital. EMRs are the best and most popular way to allow users to connect with patients and providers through an online portal. These online portals are designed to provide a shared database where users can access patient history and other relevant documents, allowing easy access to all pertinent information. With an EMR, experts can view and update patient records in real-time.

Other reasons why you might need an EMR Platform:

1. Improves communication
2. Improves staff productivity
3. Helps with compliance
4. Helps with revenue cycle management
5. Improves patient engagement
6. Reduces cost and improves efficiency
7. Allows for better documentation
8. Reduces errors through collaboration and consistency in documentation, which may reduce legal expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

Important Tip

The Urgently Health App puts partner facilities on the map in a red map icon . Urgently gives patients a chance to discover more health providers in their area that are available to them. Increase your patients and visibility by partnering with Urgently today.

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